Thursday, September 17, 2009

Psychology Test - The Marriage Quiz

For each question below, choose the response that best describes your feelings.

As newlyweds…

1. … we were constantly touching, kissing, pledging our love or doing sweet things for one another.
- Strongly disagree (1 point)
- Disagree (2 points)
- Agree (3 points)
- Strongly agree (4 points)

2. … how often did we express criticism, anger, annoyance, impatience or dissatisfaction to one another?
- Often (1 point)
- Sometimes (2 points)
- Rarely (3 points)
- Almost never (4points)

3. … my partner and I felt we belonged together; we were extremely close and deeply in love
- Disagree (1 point)
- Mildly agree (2 points)
- Agree (3 points)
- Strongly agree (4 points)

4. … I think one or both of us was worried that we were not right for each other
- Strongly agree (1 point)
- Agree (2 points)
- Disagree (3 points)
- Strongly disagree (4 points)


1. … we were disappointed that we touched, kissed, pledge our love or did sweet things for one another less often than we had as newlyweds
- Strongly disagree (1 point)
- Disagree (2 points)
- Agree (3 points)
- Strongly agree (4 points)

2. … we expressed more criticism, anger, annoyance, impatience or dissatisfaction.
- Strongly disagree (1 point)
- Disagree (2 points)
- Agree (3 points)
- Strongly agree (4 points)

3. … we felt much less closeness
- Strongly disagree (1 point)
- Disagree (2 points)
- Agree (3 points)
- Strongly agree (4 points)

4. … I felt much more confused or worried about the relationship
- Strongly disagree (1 point)
- Disagree (2 points)
- Agree (3 points)
- Strongly agree (4 points)


Add up your points from PART I.
4 – 8 points = Group A
9 – 16 points = Group B

Now add your points from PART II.
4 – 8 points = Group C
9 – 16 points = Group D

Find the section below that corresponds to your results and read what your early years together can tell you about your marriage now.

A + C = Mixed Blessings
Your marriage is filled with more conflict and ambivalence than the ideal, but it has lost only a modicum of good feeling. It seems to coast along, showing few signs that it will become deeply distressed.
Food for thought: Many people in such relationships are content, finding their marriage a reassuringly stable foundation that allows them to devote attention to career, children or other pursuits. Other are dissatisfied but think the rewards outweigh the drawbacks. Some people may eventually leave in search of “a fine romance”.

B + C = A Fine Romance
You have a loving and harmonious marriage. It may have lost a touch of its initial glow as the mundane realities of marriage have demanded more time. But you feel secure. The relationship’s gifts you unwrapped as newlyweds continue to delight.
Food for thought: You have the makings of a happy, stable, long term marriage. Your success over the first two years suggests that you and your partner operate together like a thermostat; when it’s chilly, you eliminate the source of the draught, and when it’s hot, you find ways to circulate the cool air.

A + D = Disengaging Duo
You and your mate aren’t overly affectionate and frequently express displeasure with one another. The love you once felt diminish soon after the wedding. You may already have a sense that your marriage is on shaky ground.
Food for thought: Ask yourself: did I think of our problems would go away once we married? What changes would I need to see in my partner in order to be happy? How likely are they to occur? How bad would things have to get before the marriage would no longer be worthwhile?

B + D = Disaffected Lovers
While you and your spouse are still in love, there are clouds on the horizon. Bickering and a loss of affection could give rise to doubts about your future.
Food for thought: You may be at risk of divorce. But the decline doesn’t have to continue. Ask yourself: did we set ourselves up with an overly romantic view of marriage? Have we taken each other for granted? Has our disappointment led to frustration and anger? Will continued bickering erode the love we have left?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri


Monday, September 14, 2009

Psychology test

Are you a good friend

1. Your friend’s hosting a dinner party, but she’s running late with the meal. You help out by:
a) Assisting her in the kitchen.
b) Entertaining the other guests while they wait for dinner to be served.

2. When your single friend starts discussing a relationship problem, you
a) Listen and offer a comforting story from your dating days.
b) Offer her your very best advice.

3. Two of your close friends have had a falling out and not speaking to each other. You:
a) Remind each of what a good friend the other has been over the years; you’ve successfully played the peacemaker before.
b) Enjoy their company separately without bringing up their rift; they’ll make up when they are ready.

4. Your idea of a fun “girls night out” is:
a) Seeing a movie with your closet friend.
b) Meeting a bunch of pals at a local restaurant.

5. An upset friend calls when you are trying out a new recipe. You:
a) Listen, knowing dinner might be late or less than perfect.
b) Explain that you’re busy but promise to call her back later when you can give her your full attention.

6. Your friend is going through a painful divorce. To cheer her up when she’s feeling depressed, you are more likely to:
a) Talk her through it.
b) Try to get her to laugh.

7. Hurray! You’ve just found out that you won a free holiday! With whom do you share your good news?
a) Everyone close to you.
b) With the world!

8. You’ve just moved to a new town, far from anyone you know. You:
a) Join a local organization or club.
b) Invite everyone on your block for a getting-to-know-you party.

9. You’ve had the same best friend since:
a) Your school days.
b) A few years ago.

10. When the holidays roll around, you send a postcard to:
a) Close family and friends.
b) Everyone in your address book.

Mostly As – You are a kindred spirit
Your’re a friend for life! You put your heart into your close relationships and take friendship seriously. Those lucky enough to be a part of your inner circle appreciate your loyalty and generosity. You’re always there when you’re needed. When it comes to friendship, your feelings are true-blue.

Mostly Bs – You are a great mate
A social butterfly, your circle of friends is always expanding. You like to know a little something about a lot of people. With your open and easy-going nature, you excel at lending pals the same confidence you feel in yourself. Your sunny disposition is just one of the reasons for your soaring popularity.