Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dining Guide in Malaysia

Quick Description
Things have never been the same before… Yellowpages had just recently launch its e-Dining. As at now it’s the Malaysia most comprehensive Dining Guide in Malaysia! Get yourselves a copy today e-Dining

If you are in the Food & Beverage industry, the more you need to have a copy and be listed in it. This definitely, a perfect platform for you to reach out to all the food lovers and your target market.

Looking for a BEST advertising channel?:
In dynamic business context today, it is important to allocate a budget be it for branding, creating awareness or reaching out to the publics and perhaps your potential client. However, there are tones of advertising medias in the market and all claimed themselves to be great.

It’s important to understand the criteria, as the guideline for us when we source for one. Based on our years of business in the distribution channels, the top rated criteria when selecting for an advertisement channel are:
Maximum Exposure. Consider the other related strengths of the particular channel. This is to ensure that your advertisement is well-placed and assured of being exposed to high traffic usage.
Track & Measure Information. Look for advertising tools that somehow can enable you to track users who click on your link, see where they go on your website, know which product is the most interesting to users, and correspond with your product development as well as sales target.
Focused Market. Do some research and study on the target segment of the advertising channel. On a later stage, this will help you reaches out to users who are looking for you product e.g. Food and Beverage destinations.
Affordable Advertising Rates. A comprehensive advertising packages that contain information that you want others and your potential client to know about you particularly in Food & Beverage Industry.

Things To Watch For:
How do you decide on having those to help bring sales lead for your business?

There is no right or wrong answer on which is the best way to promote online... Perhaps some of the good suggestions are:
Digitized your current printed material e.g. Brochures, Catalogues etc and start doing mass marketing via emails.
Out-source the marketing programme to the experts that might cause you sum amount of money.
Associate with the established organisation that somehow inter-related to your industry to get leverage on their corporate branding and clientele, this will depend on what win-win benefits you can offers back to them?
Engage with medias in terms of advertisement channels depending on which target segment that your nature of business is aiming.

If you or someone you know is looking for a advertisement channel, e-Dining is a definite choice. Dollar for dollar, this is by far the best product in the market and by signing up any package during this promotion period; Yellowpages will be giving out FREE Advertisement on its printed directory.

For more information on this product check out e-Dining

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