Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yellow Pages Digital Directory

What is so
special about Yellow Pages Digital Directory?

  • Anyone can download a copy. It is completely FREE.
  • You do not need to call Yellow Pages to pick up a copy. It can be stored in the user computer.
  • Unlimited copies can be downloaded at no additional fees.
  • Any countries can also download a copy. E-Yellow Pages can reach worldwide audience

  • Here ar
    e the 3 e-Directory listing offer to market place:
    e-Halal Pages

    e-Halal Pages was introduced in 2002 and in the past five years it has acquired the reputation of being a guide towards understanding the halal requirements and promoting companies that have obtained halal certification. According to the Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia JAKIM),"halal recognizes safety and quality assurance. It means the product prepared must be up to the standards which also include hygiene. Safety and quality assurance ensure that the halal products are also clean, safe, well taken care of, with good presentation and served in a proper manner, and of quality for everybody.
    Learn more e-Halal

    e-Holiday Pages

    The Malaysia Tourist Pages (MTP) was first published in 1994 and ever since, it has continued to grow in terms of content, layout, customer base and revenue. It is specially designed to assist foreign tourists and locals in finding information about Malaysia and businesses that supports tourism such as traveling, tourist attractions, transportation, shopping, dining, entertainment and other tourism related businesses.

    For the past five years, Malaysia saw a steady increase of visitors from 13.29 million in 2002 to 17.55 million arrivals in 2006. Revenue from tourism increased from RM 25.8 billion in 2002 to RM36.3 billion in 2006. With such encouraging number of arrivals and revenue growth, Malaysian businesses have the opportunities to offer their products and services by advertising their companies in the MTP. Learn more e-Holiday

    e-Dining Pages

    Malaysia is a haven for food varieties with influence coming from four (4) main culinary of the Malay, Chinese, Indian and European. As Malaysian of all races interacts, new recipes emerged and these cuisines have withstood the test of times.
    Learn more e-Dining

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